Listed below are certain notable engagements.  All Engagements are strictly confidential.  The Engagements below are just a selective sample.

Imported Leather Furniture Distributor


  • Outsourced CFO
  • Evaluated and implemented “best in class” ERP and integrated Warehouse Inventory Management system, replacing outdated QuickBooks and Fishbowl software
  • Implemented Independent Sales Representative Agreements—meanwhile, eliminating “special deals” and bad precedents, resulting in standardized commission reporting system, and substantially improving contribution margins
  • Re-negotiated previous “bad deals” with independent contractors and certain vendors, resulting in substantial cost savings
  • Implemented strong, internal controls replacing non-existent procedures with increased productivity and no extra expenses
  • Shut-down dormant entities and eliminated double-expenses
  • Re-negotiated Factoring Agreement, resulting in substantial savings
  • Eliminated excess fixed costs, primarily certain executive management
  • Evaluated and negotiated many alleged design patent infringements
  • Re-did and made compliant all labeling requirements


Imported Start-Up Case Goods Furniture Distributor


  • Outsourced CFO
  • Implemented strong, internal controls replacing non-existent procedures with increased productivity and no extra expenses
  • Switched from “cash” to “accrual” financial reporting system
  • Improved contribution margins through selective price increases and/or reductive costs
  • Re-negotiated existing Factoring Agreement, resulting in substantial savings.
  • Switched Factors, resulting in substantial savings and increased borrowing capabilities
  • Facilitated the sale to a larger imported Distributor


Imported Start-Up Dining Room Furniture Distributor


  • Prepared the initial study and proposal for setting up a United States subsidiary of a foreign-based Parent Company
  • Outsourced CFO and served on Board of Directors
  • Established initial business entity in United States
  • Negotiated first-ever Factoring Agreement
  • Implemented financial reporting system, and helped Foreign-based parent company reconcile reporting differences between US GAAP and Parent Company’s based GAAP
  • Prepared first-ever financial forecasts, cash flow projections and budget
  • Set-up labeling requirements with foreign vendors for distribution in United States and Canada



Imported Motion Furniture Distributor


  • Outsourced CFO
  • Eliminated unprofitable “prepaid trucking” operation
  • Re-negotiated existing Factoring Agreement, with significant savings and increased borrowing capability
  • Prepared and implemented Distribution Agreement for specific geographic region where existing distribution was basically non-existent
  • Improved warehouse inventory system, negotiated cost savings and integrated inventory balances with financial reporting software
  • Reviewed and advised on several alleged design and utility patent infringements
  • Reduced fixed costs with selective changes.
  • Improved contribution margin through selective price increases
  • Evaluated proposed LOI (Letters of Intent) from several prospective Buyers


Imported Upholstered Furniture Distributor


  • Reviewed and rejected expensive hardware/software selection
  • Evaluated alternative “best in class” ERP and integrated Warehouse Inventory Management Systems


Imported Casual Dining Room Distributor


  • Evaluated and facilitated the sale of selective assets to Buyer, and negotiated Building lease to Buyer, establishing a East Coast distribution warehouse


Domestic High-End Upholstery Manufacturer


  • Implemented system accounting for Factoring Agreement chargebacks with current general ledger system, reducing manual “double entry”, eliminating many spreadsheets and expediting month-end closing.  The client had a preliminary proposal of about $25,000 from their general ledger system provider.  I substantially beat this proposal and provided a better alternative too.


Domestic Licensor


  • Prepared initial proposal for developing a wholesale license agreement of comprehensive home furnishings collections for an iconic, exclusive brand


Private Equity Entities


  • Prepared expert, insider analysis of many acquisition opportunities
  • Evaluated branding identification within different price point segments
  • Function as expert industry advisor for many private equity groups

Domestic Publicly-Held Holding Company

  • Key member of IPO team
  • Headed-up, prepared and evaluated all Acquisition Targets.

Domestic High-End Upholstery Manufacturer

  • Served on Board of Directors
  • Recommended and facilitated spin-off and sale of business segment
  • Evaluated numerous strategic financing and buyer alternatives and options
  • Assisted with transfer of private label manufacturing segment to other suppliers  

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