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Contemporary Twist on Furniture with an Ohio flair

Consumers looking for a contemporary twist on furniture — with an Ohio flair — can find it during a Columbus exhibit that runs throughout October. ModernMadeOhio showcases six contemporary Ohio furniture makers, illustrating how a boutique industry has evolved from garage hobbies to full-fledged manufacturing.


Stiles doubles sales; shows over 50 machines at IWF 2016

Stiles Machinery says it is celebrating one of its most successful IWF show performances as of yet, noting double-digit sales growth and a 65 percent increase in lead generation over 2014.

Furniture Tip-Over Deaths and Injuries Spur Threat of Federal Action

The Feds are demanding furniture companies strengthen voluntary standards to prevent products from tipping over.

Vietnamese furniture firms fear Chinese flood

An exodus of Chinese firms fleeing U.S. anti-dumping actions instills fear in Vietnamese furniture companies.

Hanjin, Ashley Furniture Battle Over Cargoes, Storage Fees

The other shoe dropped.    Hanjin bankuptcy and Ashley Furniture square off.

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